A BRIEF OVERVIEW Of The Bride Of Christ

A BRIEF OVERVIEW Of The Bride Of Christ

Pauline Zellner, Writer

Pauline Zellner, Writer

Prayer Minister, Intercessor, Writer and LOVER of God,

The Father, Son and Holy Spirit

Haltom City, Texas (817) 703-4739

Winter 2009

Saturday Afternoon

(presently in revision)

Habakkuk 2:2 “And The LORD answered me, and said, Write the vision, and make it plain upon tables, that he may run that readeth it. For the vision is yet for an appointed time, but at the end it shall speak, and not lie: though it tarry, wait for it; because it will surely come, it will not tarry.”

I pray everyone visiting The Grand Lady web-site will

embrace the true essence of her Divine message; from

“World In Exile”,
where Believers have a bird’s eye view

of the fall of man and can obtain Understanding of why the

world is in such a dilemma; “The Longing Heart” where

hopefully Believers will see why their broken lives are in

such disarray; “The Sounding Call” where Believers

begin to comprehend that there is no escaping the ‘day’

when we will all stand in the Presence of the Almighty God,

The Great I AM and be unable to utter a single word in our

own defense; “Relinquishing Command” where sincere

Christian Believers, who truly relate to the awful battle of

‘self’,chooses to humbly yield their lives before The Father

in prayerful repentance imploring His forgiveness and His

infinite Grace and Mercy keep persevering with unwavering

faith on their Journey of Becoming; “Designed In Glory”

where it finally dawns on the same determined Christian

Believers that in order for their lives to become truly

turned around and set on the right pathway to reap the

Blessings Promised in The Word Of God they must

willingly get upon the potter’s wheel and stay there

completely surrendered and trusting in faith that the good

work began in them will be finished for His Glory and

their JOY of pleasuring Him in all things; and lastly

“The Wedding” is a chapter that gives the same

Christian Believers a thrilling unparallel indescribable

glimpse of their destiny with Jesus Christ as is Virtuous

Holy Bride of Christ and the inexpressible Rejoicing with

Him that will be experienced every moment Eternally.

Oh Heavenly Father Thank You for unveiling the

Revelation of “The Grand Lady”. For, she in all her

Grandeur, clothed with Glory in silk spun threads of

every iridescent hue, emerald greens and jades, pinks,

reds, golden yellows, majestic purples, lavenders, violets

and royal blues, matchless exquisite splendor was

designed in Heaven by only You; destined eons ago to

be unveiled to a people standing upon the threshold of

an awesome time of wonder, whose hearts are captured

by Your Precious Son Jesus Christ in a time when in

ages gone by, others could only dream of living;

Her words trimmed in shimmering Gold and bound in

tapestry, finally at last Divinely cross over the threshold

of the human soul, piercing through the dark veil of

heartache, sorrow and sin, and only as the Holy Spirit

can possibly do, impart chasten Pure Virtues to heal

and make completely brand new.


In Closing, please agree with me in prayer “The Grand Lady” will

receive the financial support needed to print her message in book form

for worldwide distribution for such a destined time as this.

Your forwarding this web-site to your family, friends and associates

will be greatly appreciated.

For The Father’s GLORY Only…

Writer, Worshipper and LOVER The LORD Jesus Christ

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