(V) All Eyes Will See

(V) All Eyes Will See

In a world where technology is treated as the god of the day, mankind fails to acknowledge that all his technology comes from one source and that is from God Himself, the creator of all good things that he has given and allowed man to use for the good. It is unfortunate that these wonderful tools that God gives to us are abused and used for other perversions of mankind exalting himself as god.

We that are saved by God’s grace see clearly with the aid

of the Holy Spirit through Jesus Christ, that we are very different and set apart from what the world calls foolishness.

On that day many of the unsaved will mourn the coming of Christ, with selfish unfinished achievements of whatever it was that they had set out to accomplish with their life long goals of worldly achievement.

There will be no excuse for those that have clearly heard the gospel and never accepted Christ as their Saviour on that day. With their always putting off to the very last moment.

If you are reading this web-site and you have never accepted Jesus Christ as your Saviour. Please take the time. Understand, this is a very serious time of decision in your life. A decision that will decide where you spend eternity. There is a heaven and there is a hell. Do not be caught unprepared for what is about to come. And it will come.