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  But The Laborers Few ….

Workers in the field harvesting the fruit

This web site exists for the purpose of spreading God’s word, Holy and True, to every nation, to all people, and the world at large. If this web site helps to lead just one sinner to salvation or one stray lamb back to the Lord, it has served its purpose and is worth all the labor and effort. Harvest Time Webmaster




A Gift to the World –

The Birth of Jesus Christ



Share the
Real Easter Story 
Anytime of year with friends and family.
Watch the ascension of our Lord and Savior


Then …..

Listen to Glorious Music for EASTER
“The Best of Beethoven” from the Telarc Catalog


You Can Also –

  Watch the Entire Jesus Film Now! (The life of Jesus)


Free Viewing- In over 1,300 Languages Worldwide 

Jesus caring for His sheep
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in the MENU to navigate…


Ministry Photos and Stories from the Mission Field

  *  World News – from a Christian Perspective

  *  Biblical Studies and Devotionals

  *  Watch the JESUS FILM in over 1,300 Languages

  *  Special Page for Women Only

  *  Christian Music and Multimedia Page

And Much, Much More…


Resurrection !
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Down-loadable .DOC file to share with friends and family about
Christ’s ” Death and Resurrection “
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Today’s “Living Word”
A New Scripture Verse to Stir the Soul Each Time This Page is Reloaded

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  Live Prayer - Prayer Partner     

You can also Email us with your prayer request.

All prayers are confidential and privacy respected.


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Christian Thoughts and Discussions

Postings by a young missionary woman with a vision to serve the impoverished third world.

For More Information-

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