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Dr. Mable Randall: President
Rev. Mable Randall, DPC, President

The Middle Georgia Association of ClergyWomen, Inc.



On December 14, 2002 at 10:00 a.m.,  six ladies met to organize the first clergywomen association. We were welcomed by Pastor Lonzy F. Edwards, the Pastor of Mount Moriah Baptist Church and the Pastor of Ministers Blash and Randall.

We thank God for Pastor Edwards who encouraged Ministers Blash and Randall to call and invite female ministers in the area. Out of deep concern for women in ministry, Pastor Edwards wanted us to be the best and to share with other female ministers; we also thank God for all of the other pastors for their support, and most of all, we give praise and honor to Almighty God.

After a getting to know you session, the business meeting began with Rev. Mable Randall presiding. The President, Vice President and secretary were elected. Other officers were tabled until our next meeting. After much discussion, we agreed on the name,” The Middle Georgia Association of Clergywomen.”

Our purpose, meeting date, executive officers and membership fee were established in the constitution and by laws.

This association consists of female clergy in the Middle Georgia area and is open to any Christian female in Ministry. 

The purpose of the association shall be to provide encouragement and address the concerns of licensed and/or ordained female ministers, seminary students, and women waiting for a hearing (first sermon).

We will provide opportunities for continuing education; support women who are called and gifted by God to give service in the ministry; we will stress the importance for women to assist pastors, not compete with them.

Installation Services for all officers was held on March 23, 2003, at 4:00pm with Pastor Lonzy F. Edwards delivering the installation message. Various Pastors, family members and friends witnessed this great occasion. A total of twenty-seven clergywomen were present.

By April 2003, we begin taking steps of becoming incorporated by getting our name reserved in Atlanta. On July 24, 2003, we became the Middle Georgia Association of Clergywomen, Incorporation, a domestic nonprofit corporation under the laws of the State of Georgia.

The vision to purchase three buildings, a teen center, a safe house for abuse women and women coming out of prison, we will also work with children and set up a health and education center.

We’ve reached out in the community in various projects to make these ideas a reality. School supplies were distributed on August 1, 20003, members attended “A Call to Unity Program” held August 24, 2003, sponsored by the Macon police department chaplainry core, a member has established a shelter for women, several sisters volunteer their time and books for the Macon Read Program held at the Macon Mall in August.

The Outreach Project for Thanksgiving was baskets filled with various toiletries and clothing. These baskets were distributed on November 24, 2003 to a health care facility in Forsyth.

On December 13, 2003, members got together and stuffed over one hundred bags to be distributed to a local prison. Our members are also very busy in their respective churches and communities.

We had an opportunity to say thank you to our various spouses and supporters for all their help in our ministries this year. The affair was held December 12, 2003 at the Willow on the Fifth. Sisters presented a special token of appreciation to their respective supporter; also members were presented with special awards. Rev. Janice Slaughter was recognized with the Outstanding Service Award.

Our anniversary is always in January and we have had some mighty Spirit Filled Services.

Plans are being made for a Spring Revival in March and a Women’s Conference in October.

We thank Pastor Edwards and Mt. Moriah Church family for allowing the MGACW to managed what is known as” The Charlie Clark Ministry House”.  This house will be opened to any female who is displaced.

We have had several retreats and this year’s retreat was wonderful. Our theme was “A Mid-Night Encounter” Based on Acts 16:25. Our speaker was Minister Earnestine Montgomery. Minister Montgomery lives in Atlanta, Georgia and is very Spirit Filled.

Sister II Sister Ministries teamed up with us this year and it was very delightful. Rev. Teresa Blash is the founder of Sister II Sister Ministries. Rev. Blash welcomes any youth to attend the retreat next year.

Plans are in process for 2009 retreat; the theme is “A New Day in Christ. The registration fee is 175.00. The retreat’s dates are May 22-25, 2009. For more information, please Email Rev. Mable Randall.   The retreat was very rewarding.

The Annual Retreat for 2010 is scheduled for May 28-31; we will go back to Helen, Georgia. This year the fee is 225.00; this covers the complete package deal for the weekend. For more information, please call Rev. Mable Randall@ 478-254-6805.  We had a wonderful retreat.

We enjoyed our Annual Breakfast held at Restoration Outreach Deliverance Church in Marshallville, Georgia. Teacher Barbara Ezell did an outstanding job; we praise God for Teacher Ezell.

The Annual Conference was held October 1-2, 2010 at Mt. Moriah Baptist Church, Macon, Georgia. Our Theme this year was “Walking in Your Destiny”; the speaker this year was Pastor Karen Dones from Douglassville, Georgia.
The conferences for 2011 and 2012 were outstanding. This year Rev Kelda Cubit of Lizzie Chapel Baptist was the speaker; Rev. Cubit hit a home run.

Minister Teresa Blash shared a vision about the Back-to-School program for college students; the first program was very successful and the organization is still sharing in this vision.

The 2011 retreat was a success.

Our Thanksgiving bags will be given to Rev. Christine Wiggins and her residents at Sulfur Springs.

Our Christmas Fellowship will be, December 4, 2010 12: noon, Golden Corral in Macon, Georgia. Please call Rev. Rooks for more details or Rev. Randall @ 478-254-6805; we truly thank God for all of His Goodness, Love, and Mercy.

The Christmas fellowship was held on December 7, 2012 at Mt. Moriah Baptist Church, we had a wonderful time.

The Annual Retreat for 2012 is scheduled for May 25-28, 2012; we will go back to Helen, Georgia. This year the fee is 225.00; this covers the complete package deal for the weekend. For more information, please call Rev. Mable Randall@ 478-254-6805.

Plans for Annual Retreat for 2013 are final; you may look on the retreat page and get new information.

January 20, 2012, the ClergyWomen will celebrate the 10th anniversary at Divine Presence Worship Center, suite 123 Bacon field Complex, Macon, Georgia. The public is invited.

The  2013 Annual Breakfast was successful, Evangelist Arletta Brown did an excellent job and the Spirit of the Lord was very very high.  Eleven college students were honored and given useful items for college.  As you see, Minister Blash’s vision is still in full swing.

The 2013 Annual Conference was held in Warner Robins, Ga with Pastor Uletha Durham as host Pastor.  Evangelist Janet Hogan-Lamar was the guest speaker.  We also had three worships.

The annual retreat for 2013 was very sussessful; the theme was ” The Potter’s Touch”.  This year we had  several new ladies to attend the retreat.  We are in the process of planning the 2014 retreat.  The theme is ” The Broken Chain”.  We are looking forward to this retreat.

2014 Annual Prayer Breakfast was held at Lizzie Chapel Baptist Church.  It was successful and Pastor Homer of Grce Chapel A.M.E. Church gave us so much to think about.  Thanks Pastor Homer.

The 2014 Conference was great; it was held at Mt. Moriah Baptist Church with Evangelist Patricia Howard.  God really Blessed Us!!!

The 2015 Women’s Conferece will be October 23-24, 2015.  For more information, check our facebook page.

2014 Annual Retreat was held in Helen, Georgia with Rev. Earnestine Montgomery.  The theme was “The Broken Chain”.  The ladies very blessed.  Plans are on the way for our 2015 Retreat.  The theme for 2015 is ” A Fresh Start” .

12th Anniversary Program was held on January 18, 2015 with Pastor G. Dianne Lewis, Pastor Lewis talked about ” For Such A Time As This!”  Great sermon Pastor Lewis.