“Outreach For Christ”

“Outreach For Christ”

Bringing The lost To Jesus Christ: John 3:3
Bringing The lost To Jesus Christ: John 3:3

I was asked one day before I saw the truth of God, Are you 100% sure you will go to heaven at death, I said no. Upon death when arriving at the gate of heaven, and Jesus ask’s; Why should I allow you to enter? What would you answer? If you are not sure, read the pages on this site.At this site we deal in the full truth which is God’s Truth.Many churches teach half truths, Beware of the half-truth,You might get hold of the wrong half. Oh beloved of Christ, please find the truth of God we must all be saved to see the kingdom of God, I am here to present the TRUTH!
Remember a clean bible , which means one does not read it and mark it, means a dirty heart,a marked bible with pen marks and notes is a messy bible but a clean heart!Place your prayer requests in my guestbook or email me. Evangelist Stephen Pekular, available for evangelistic Preaching and Hospital outreach. Many religions look good from the outside but from the inside they are lacking the real meaning which one can find by reading the bible and asking God to open your eyes to His truth not what man says but to what the Lord teaches. Let us pray for revival which we need, Praise Jesus! Please make a donation at the bottom of the page, Thank You so much.
Let Us Praise God For Jesus and His truth!!!!
Write me if this site has helped you, please.

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