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We are over 100 years on since the ignition
of the Welsh Revival. Now will Scotland be the next revival centre?
Why did the Welsh Revival end so rapidly?

Charles Finney on Prevailing Prayer – In a few paragraphs some of the greatest ever wisdom on prayer than can be ever be contained in volumes of books.
 Prevailing Prayer  

Enter the furnace
revival reports from sons of thunder publications
UK and world revival

DREAM Interpretation

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“Come HOLY SPIRIT speak to your people
Impart true light and expose the work of the enemy.”

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UK Prophetic Council’s Collective Word For 2009
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Prophecy Now

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Prayer & Prophecies for Britain 

Elaine Tavolacci – Prophetic words
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Wellspring Prophetic Ministries – Dave Howe
Living Waters Fellowship – Margate
Prophecies from British Prophet based in Kent

Heather Butler
Prophetic Intercession minstry based in Anglesea

Prophecies and Intercession for England
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Prophecies guiding intercession
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Ministries Without Borders
The School of the Prophets is an ongoing programme of instruction and inspiration, designed to help equip the church to fulfil its prophetic destiny in the world
School of the prophets

Was the 1984 lightning strike at York Minister a warning sign from God to a major faction of the church that honoured those who denied His Word?
York Minster fire

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Open Heaven


Articles giving insight into the world situation including major concerning trends in Britain

The Christian Institute — Politics in the UK
from a Christian standpoint

UK Prophecy News
Not exactly modern prophecy more an end time Biblical link with current events and links to interesting sites.
UK Prophecy News

New Frontiers – Prophecy
New frontiers Key Prophecies


French language site dealing with prophecy and News

Truth and explanation for new Christians
New Christian UK – dedicated to helping the new Christian.

The Net
Youth and Kingdom Resources

Christianity Online
Supersite for Christians
From Bible to Prayer to News lots to explore.
Christianity Online

Modern Miracle in England
RAISING THE DEAD – Evangelist Roger Whipp
Miracles still happen,even raising the dead! MORE …

Sheffield Prayer
Intercession for Sheffield and other places


End Time Prophetic Vision – Bill Somers
Probably the best collection of Christian prophecy on the web: With facility to search for key words over years of prophetic words.
New words and articles are added weekly.
All the prophetic names appear here major and minor prophets.
EPTV Prophecies

Canadian Prophetic and Prayer Directive site

Shamah-Elim Noe Leon
Prophetic insight on Bridgend

Where Eagles Gather
Current prophecies updated monthly
Eagles latest prophecies

The Elijah List
Discover what God’s Prophets and
Prophetic People are Saying Daily
Elijah list

Storm Harvest
This is the prophecy page Australia’s answer to this site.
Storm Harvest

Graham Cooke’s Prophecy Manual
Prophecy Manual

Prophetic-School List
by Teresa Seputis
The Practicalities Of The Prophetic

Lanna Perry – Prophet from Australia
His Chosen Warrior Princess

Words of Prophets – Consuming Fire
His prophets on Consuming Fire

The Latter Rain – Jay Atkinson
A radical views site that mixes true prophecy with political comment and discussion that is vocal in supporting the “Democrat political viewpoint”.
Latter-rain Prophecies

Mark Watson
News and a mix of selective prophetic words.
A very interesting site that seems to be in tune with the latest prophetic words. US and International perspective.
Prophet’s Corner

For Zions Sake
A very active mega prophetic site with searchable archives and up-to-date prophecies.

God Speaks – Teresa Seputis
Prophetic encouragement.
Godspeaks prophecies

Prophetic Words For Our Time
Prophecy that focusses on selected prophecies relating to world events. A good read.
World prophecies

Jeh’s prophetic – portal
Worldwide prophetic words
Some really powerful words for the nations.
Prophecy Jeh’s page

Rain International – Rev. Jan & Annika van Rooyen
South African site with some powerful words from Heaven’s throne.RAIN International is an Apostolic and Prophetic Evangelism team ministry teaching faith-filled and anointed Biblical principles and strategies for meaningful breakthrough and victorious living.
Prophecy page Rain International

Africa – Prophecies
Africa Prophecy

House of the Nations – Worldwide Prophecies
Categorised by Continent and Nations
Prophecies for Nations – Worldwide Prophecies

Gateway Missions International
Prophecy and Evangelism – James Donovan
Based in Ontario Canada
Gateway Missions

InJesus Prophetic Portal with links to other prophetic sites using the
In Jesus List of Prophecy sites

Upstream Ministries – Priscilla Van Sutphin
Great site born out of extensive prophetic ministry with many good links and a focus on missions.
Library of articles many on deliverance and prophecy.

Rivers of Eden – Debra & Marvin Westbrook
Inspiration to reach new heights in faith.
Rivers of Eden Prophecies

North Country Prophetic Ministries
US Site with ministry who serve people by prophesying
over the email. Send them your name and receive a word from God to speak into your life.
North Country

Trumpet Wind Ministries – Pam Clark
Links goes to the Prophets Chatroom which is open 24/7.
Not a place to turn up and demand a prophetic word, but there are prophets there, as always be aware that many of the people there are ordinary Christians seeking encouragement and sharing and people who do speak words are visitors not monitored by the webmaster.
Prophets Chat

Winds of Worship
Inspiration for fasting and finding depth in God to walk in the power of the Holy Spirit.
Winds of Worship

Prophecy – Chad Taylor
Many international and country specific words.

Thomas Manton – Words for Nations and World regions

Canadianand Global Prophecy

End time visions and warnings
End Time Prophetic

Netherlands – Christian Media Radio and Internet
Catharina Schouten – Meijer
Netherlands Prophetic and Revival internet and radio
And this the weblog part English part Dutch)
Netherlands Prophetic and Revival TV web log

Messianic TV and Radio

Lion of Judah prophecy page:Dutch/English
Teshusa Links Page

Prophecy – Verner Woop – Collection of Prophetic Words and email.
For the mature – prophecy and teaching emphasis on holiness. First link goes to prophecy contents archive. Second link is to subscribe to the email list.
Guidepost Prophecies
 Guidepost Emailing list subscribe page


Is God real? …share this with secular friends.
Is there a God?

Bible Gateway, a free service for reading and researching scripture online– all in the language or translation of your choice! We provide advanced searching capabilities based on keywords or scripture references, and various tools to enhance your study of the Bible
Bible Gateway
Read the Bible in various translations and languages. Search the Bible for words, topics, or phrases in various languages and translations

Summary transcripts – 35,000 sermons online.
Sermons and topics

Christian search engine
Kingdom Seek

Isaiah – a microcosm of the Bible
Isaiah – a microcosm
Isaiah – Signs of the divine hand

Eagle Vision – In depth Holy Spirit anointing issues
Eagle Vision Index

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Future end time scenario
An interesting analysis of future events from Sweden
Future Analysis

Indepth teaching on various aspects of deliverance.

Neville Salvetti
Teaching manuals on prophecy, deliverance and christian living. Simple site with indepth content well worth digging into.
Teaching manuals

Want to find about Jesus and becoming a CHRISTIAN.
Is God Real ?

Spiritual Warrior Miracle Anointing
FAITH in the God who answers – Geoff Pick
Receiving Miracles

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Holy Spirit Anointing

Prophecy for the UK and Ireland
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Developing Prophetic Gifting
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Prophetic Word for the UK with Bob Jones
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New Frontiers – Apostolic and prophetic: Newfrontiers is a worldwide family approaching 500 churches worldwide. With a passionate commitment to build the church according to New Testament principles. Churches where each member participates, the gifts of the Spirit are outworked, where there is joy in caring one for the other, where there is a desire to make a difference in society and to reach those in need.
New Frontiers



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Comment & News Index

* Preacher in court – Colchester
* Iceland’s volcanic ash
* Drugs – rooted in the Opium wars
* Dream – An attack on “salvation” doctrine
* Understanding the flooding – July 2007
* Christian magistrate loses freedom of conscience case – Feb 2007
* Welsh Christian Party Launched March 2007
* BBC anti-Christian policies
* Abortion – Will we see a total ban? Prophetic Declarations
* Heather Butler and Jerry Bowers – Pulling Down the Alters
* Martin Scott – Flood Update
* Springer the Opera – Audiences are are staying away.
* Flooding in London – Uzoamaka Ejiogu
* Warning over London – Victor Lorenzo
* Guardian Newspaper on the Thames whale



Colchester Magistrates today agreed to adjourn the case of Christian brother, Paul Shaw, who is accused of a public order offence relating to an election address distributed in Colchester calling – in very moderate language – for a review of whether sodomy and other homosexual acts should remain legal. It turns out that a couple of homosexual men complained to the police, leading to a completely over-the-top seach of Paul’s flat and confiscation of his diaries in June.
The ‘offending’ words were in an election address, distributed after Paul had stood for election as an independent but when he thought a new election was imminent. He said:
“I believe for example that homosexual and lesbian acts are immoral and that the law should reflect that; by making them unlawful as they once were; and so acting as a deterrent to such behaviour.
“The concept of homophobia is nonsense and a play on words; it is not and has never been a phobia! A phobia is an un-natural fear; whereas a rejection of perverse behaviour; is a righteous godly fear; that fears to do wrong because it knows that there are consequences and punishment otherwise! This is the most pronounced example of a nation that has lost its way ..”
It was the Crown Prosecutor who applied for an adjournment. This was in order, he said, to consider the case in the light of freedom of speech! The Magistrate, District Judge David Cooper, agreed. It turns out that Paul was up before him only a few months ago for preaching on the same subject, and the same thing happened, leading to the CPS withdrawing the case.
PRAY the same thing happens this time.
If you can, please come and support Paul at Colchester Magistrates Court, CO1 1FP on Thursday 23rd September 2010. The case is listed for 9.15am, but be prepared for it to be heard, as today’s case was, in the afternoon.
In all, seven brethren came along today at a moment’s notice to support Paul and the Gospel, so let us pray for an even bigger witness in four weeks’ time!
Please continue to hold up our brother in prayer at this challenging time.
And please PRAY that justice is done and this attack on our historic freedom to preach the Gospel is defeated.

[Webmaster Editor – Is there a link between the costs to London tourism of volcanic ash and the UK Advertising Authority Israel tourism advertising ban? Look at the timeframe below and ask is divine justice even a possibility?]

12 April 2010 – Iceland’s volcanic eruption winding down
By JILL LAWLESS (Associated Press)

REYKJAVIK, Iceland – Iceland’s latest volcanic eruption is coming to an end, scientists said Monday – and the unexpected tourist boom that lifted this recession-weary country’s financial fortunes may be up in smoke as well.

Then, last month, the Eyjafjallajokull volcano began erupting after almost 200 years of silence, threatening floods and earthquakes but drawing thousands of adventurous tourists – and their desperately needed cash – to the site where ash and red-hot lava spewed from a crater between two glaciers.

All good things must come to an end, however, and scientists said Monday that the eruption is winding down.

“The volcanic activity has essentially stopped,” said Einar Kjartansson, a geophysicist at the Icelandic Meteorological Office. “I believe the eruption has ended.”

[but the experts are wrong again]

14 April 2010
A UK watchdog has banned an Israeli tourism advert showing the Western Wall, saying it is ‘misleading’.
The Advertising Standards Authority said the advert implied East Jerusalem, which has been occupied since 1967, was part of the state of Israel. The Western Wall, one of Judaism’s holiest sites, is in East Jerusalem, but it is a major tourist site for most visitors to Israel.

[Strange that the original site of the Holy Jewish temple could even be considered occupied territory – an example of double standards – no one is saying that the English should give London and the rest of England back to the people of Wales – who their ancesters drove out. Or should the white non native Americans return the USA to the tribes who were the original inhabitants.]

15 April 2010
BBC Report
Flights in and out the UK are facing “significant disruption” because of volcanic ash drifting in from Iceland. Gatwick, Aberdeen, Edinburgh and Glasgow airports have already grounded planes, and there are warnings the debris could have a “considerable impact” as it moves further south. Amanda McMillan, the Managing Director of Glasgow Airport, said the ash presented a ”very serious risk” to aircraft.

25 April 2010
Volcano ash flight ban ‘cost London £100m’

UK airspace was closed for six days
The closure of UK airspace because of the Icelandic volcanic ash cloud cost London more than £100m in lost tourist spending, new figures have claimed.

According to London’s mayor and Visit London, about 30,000 overseas visitors arrive by air every day at this time of year, spending £17m in total.
They said last week’s flight ban, which lasted six days, cost the city £102m.

Hotel occupancy is down as much as 25%, and theatre, restaurants and shops have all seen a fall in visitors, they said.

A spokeswoman for the mayor said in the first few days of the airspace suspension, an estimated 100,000 visitors remained in London who would otherwise have gone home.

[Webmaster Editor – The UK authorities disrupt Israel’s tourist industry and diruption immediately follows to ours – Divine judgement? – The problem is the Anglo-saxon western mindset does not even ask the question? Sadly the British have aetheist mindsets or don’t believe that God has sent warning signs of his judgement]

I believe that the ash that fell and the massive loss to British tourism – came as a direct result of divine judgement against the declarations of the British Advertising Standards Authority – against the Israeli Tourism advertisement that included the Wailing wall.

Geoff (Webmaster – House of the Nations)

ISRAEL – Has a God given right to Jerusalem
and all territory allocated in the Old Testement.


SOWING & REAPING – the Opium Wars
We bring to your attention the drug problem in our nations. It is even labelled the “drug culture”, so deeply imbedded into our way of life. In this article “Sowing and Reaping” we ask the question, “Is this not a result of our various governments and merchants, forcing the Chinese nation against their will, in the 1840’s, to accept the drug “Opium”?

May we ask you as to bring this matter before the Lord through prayer and confession.
Kind regards,
Bob and Kathleen Lynn
Nov 04,2007

Before 1842 A.D, British merchants, along with other European countries, and even the USA, were regularly transporting from India, a vast quantity of the drug, Opium. The destination for this addictive drug was China. The Chinese rightly objected to this unhealthy trade, but to no avail. They tried to express their concern for their people and eventually, took drastic action. A boarding party of Chinese, took charge of a British merchantman and dumped, its cargo, into the harbour of Canton; a huge
quantity of opium, valued at £6 million.

When news of this reached London, the British Government employed its usual gun-boat policy and sent warships to the area. The result was the Opium War of 1842.
Opium is an addictive narcotic drug extracted from the seed capsules of the opium poppy and is used in medicine as an analgesic and hypnotic. It was grown in India, a colony of the British Empire. The Chinese coastal regions were flooded with it. They, however, refused access to foreign merchants into the interior of the country.
One may read of this more fully, on the internet. See Opium Wars.
The result was an uneven battle which the Chinese had no hope of winning. When it came to setting the terms of peace, the British Government enforced savage terms. The £6m was to be repaid, Hong Kong and another small island off China’s coast came under British control for 155 years. (This control ended in 1997). Not only that, but the Chinese were forced to open up their interior markets to British and foreign traders. Such was the misuse of British power.
Now, I believe we are paying for this aggression and greed. Throughout the UK, drugs are everywhere. No matter how vigilant the customs and excise authorities and coast guards, Britain continues to be flooded with drugs, as does the USA and continental Europe.
Might it not be the muliplied reaping of what was sown in the 1840’s in China? Are we not being devoured by this curse and many other curses?

But has not God said in Malachi that He would rebuke the devourer? Yes, He did but that was for covenant keepers and this nation has for too long been a covenant breaker. God’s covenant protection is not available those who break covenant. It will not be available to us until we repent, get right with Him and sincerely enter into covenant relationship with Him, through Jesus. The only positive outcome of the opium wars, was that British missionaries took advantage of the opening up of the interior of China and took the gospel inland. There may be some of you who wonder why this generation should suffer for the sins of passed generations. Isn’t God merciful and gracious, slow to anger, and abounding in steadfast love and faithfulness? Yes, He is. Yet read on in Exodus 34:5-7. He is indeed the God who will keep steadfast (covenant) love for thousands, forgiving iniquity and transgressions and sin, but (He is also the God) who will by no means clear the guilty, visiting the (unconfessed) iniquity of the fathers upon the children and the children’s children, to the third and the fourth generation.
Consider King David, a man after God’s own heart. Here was a man who kept covenant. He broke it too and had to repent. But also, in the latter part of his reign long after King Saul’s death, God caused a famine to plague the
land for three years. The first year was ignored as no doubt, they had plenty of grain in store cities and plenty of water in reservoirs. They had learned much since Joseph’s day. Even the second year they managed to survive. Yet when the third year came along and God still withheld His blessing, David realised he needed to seek an answer. The answer from God was that Israel, through Saul, had broken covenant with the Gibeonites. During his reign Israel’s first king had tried to destroy this Caananite people, who were assimilated into the Israeli population.

Even though they tricked Joshua and the leaders of Israel into making a covenant with them, the covenant still existed and Israel was committed to protect them as their own. God upheld the Gibeonites rights under that covenant. It was a long time before God raised the issue, yet raise it He did. The famine was only lifted when the Gibeonites were satisfied with the death of 7 of Sauls offspring. Let us cease to glory in the Cecil Rhodes of the empire days. Such men did not do good for Britain but brought a curse upon us, as did the merchants in the 1840’s. They left us an evil and cursed legacy. Yet, some may ask, “Didn’t we do good during empire rule? Yes we did! There was much benefit for people within the British Empire. Certainly the gospel was preached.

Men and women sacrificed much to take the good news of God’s covenant of grace to the Chinese people. Yet if the sins of empire days are not
accepted, confessed and restitution made, to the satisfaction of almighy God, we as a nation will continue to live outside of His covenant blessings in Jesus. Any blessing we receive is by the mercy of God and will be limited by unconfessed sin, whether we be ignorant of it or not.

Heavenly Father, we accept that as a nation we have sinned against You throughout history especially when, as an empire, we misused our power, authority and influence. We ruthlessly exploited and at times destroyed people for the sake of material gain. Please have mercy on us, and forgive us. We humbly ask this in the name of Jesus. Amen.

For more information visit the CHRISTIANBIRTHRIGHT
website at

Julian of Southend
I had two dreams in one night from the Lord early in 2003. I just discovered this site and I put the prophecy here as it seems to speak of the church in the UK an USA.

The first dream
In my dream I was alone, driving an open top car going down a winding road in the countryside. I was vaguely aware of passing an old stone built Anglican church in the distance to my left. I was coming up to a T junction, when I put the radio on to BBC radio 4 (or I heard an announcement on the radio, I cant remember). It was the ‘Today Program’, (a top news and current affairs program) and a well known BBC presenter who does the Today program (and also Mastermind on TV) was talking. He was saying that there was a dispute or controversy in the church over the Alexandrian creed, concerning whether people believed in not only the grace and salvation of Jesus, but also as to whether those who rejected it, would be condemned to hell or not.

The next scene in my dream cut immediately from this to a street battle, and I had a gun. I was behind some sand bags in the street, and was coming under fire for a building rooftop. There were also other armed Christians (as I recognised them) crouching behind packing cases and empty oil drums in the street to take shelter from the fire from above. Some Christians with weapons were taking shelter by pressing themselves right up against the side of the building from where we were all coming under fire, from the rooftop above. They were unsuccessfully trying to get close enough to the entrance to get in the building where the people from the rooftop were firing. I felt a little insecure in my position because the people above were so much higher they could almost shoot over my cover. But when I peered above the top of the sandbags I could see several things. One was that the people above were church people firing at us! I recognised them! The other thing was that those pressed against the side of the building were trying to run out of cover every so often and fire up and attack those hiding behind the roof parapet, but they keep being beaten was stalemate. Some of the attacks were very half hearted by these people. I didn’t see anybody get killed but both sides were stuck in our positions. Suddenly a car drove up behind my position, and I thought “Oh no they are going to kill us now!”, but when the window came down, it was a South American Christian, and he was on our side, and he handed over his gun to us, and offered to help us. I think the car had other Christians from the third world, from Asia and Africa.

Interpretation. I awoke from the dream quite early in the morning and the dream was very vivid in my mind, quite distinct from ordinary dreams or even nightmares. The Lord gave me the interpretation for most of it almost immediately after waking up, however I remember thinking straight away, ‘I don’t know what the Alexandrian creed is!!!’ (I had to go down stairs and look it up in a history book which I did straight away) I don’t think much about historic creeds as I am not from a High church background, although I know about the Nicene and Apostles creed. I had to do some research on it. The Alexandrian creed was attributed to Athanasius, an early church father, who had a battle within the church with Arius, another leading bishop of the time, over the doctrine of the trinity. Arius, amongst other things said that the doctrine of the trinity was false and that Jesus wasn’t divine. Athanasius was Bishop of Alexandria at this time, and he lead the opposition to Arius. Over a third of the bishops in the entire church in Europe at this time followed Arius and his apostasy, so it was a very serious threat to the true gospel .and if the struggle had been lost then most of the church would have gone into apostasy Athanasius won the debate and the struggle within the church over the disputed doctrines, and Arius, and the other bishops who argued against the Trinity were put out of the church. The tenants of the faith in the Apostles creed and Nicene Creed were largely secured for many years, although to this day the devil uses organisations like the Jehovah witnesses to continue to fight against them from outside the church. (they dispute the trinity like Arius did). However I think the Lord was showing me that the devil wants to increase the battle within the church over the issue of the message of salvation. Some of the church doesn’t want to talk about hell, or even believes that men may go there, and are inclusive of other religions tolerant of other religious beliefs. Because of this, they are ripping the heart out of what Christ was sent to do, and his message to mankind. This is a section I took from my Bible program about the Alexandrian creed;

The other creeds set forth the mercies of Revelation; this (creed) adds the danger of rejecting them. The others declare the faith; this insists also on its necessity. This, also, alone insists upon the necessity of good works .
The closing warning is based on Christ’s own words: “Depart from me,” etc. (Matthew 25:41, 46). If this creed is solemn in its admonitions, we must remember that so also are the Gospels. On the whole it is a comprehensive summary of truth, laying down the rule of faith as a foundation, following out its issues of good or evil. True belief is closely connected with right action.
Back to the dream interpretation;
The people on the rooftops the lord showed me where those in ‘high church’, more traditional or long established churches, or the proud. This is the church which is more prominent on the media. We were in the ‘low church’ or evangelical movement. We were at a disadvantage because we had less media coverage and did not hold the position of the established church in society.

The dream was a call to prayer against apostasy coming into the church, through the high church, (Anglicans, Catholics, very traditional churches) which due to TV coverage non christians are much more aware of than the low church (evangelicals)

Back to the earlier part of my dream, the open top car meant I was hearing the Lord, the voice on the radio meant that this was being talked about by the undecided (non Christians) and was a matter of national importance. I looked over to the old stone traditional church across the field on my left – that told me that the dream was about the traditional established or high church. The coming to the T junction in the car meant that a time of decision was coming to people in the church; were they going to follow the truth or turn to deception and apostasy?

The second dream
Ok so after I had read the stuff about the Alexandrian creed, I still felt tired (it was early in the morning) So I decided to go back to bed. I went to sleep again after getting up and looking up that stuff about the creed and I had a second dream, and it was all about the first dream!! I was at a party in my house and there were maybe sixty Christian people there. I started to tell individuals and small groups this dream, but each time half way through they lost interest, and started turning away to laugh and joke and talk with other people around them. I started to feel angry and frustrated. I felt this was the heart of Jesus. He is saying that his true message on Salvation is being challenged and perverted by part of the people who call themselves Christians, many of whom are in prominent positions. But that but that those who really believe the true message are only half concerned about it, and apathetic about this situation, even although this is putting our country in grave danger. We must pray and intercede that the true gospel will prevail and be announced with urgency and that the church will shake off its complacency, and that the enemy will not be seen to bring internal warfare into the church through a group who don’t believe the scriptures fully.

Further notes
Several months after having this dream, an incident happened which seemed to confirm what the dream was saying. It hit the news that there was an issue with gay bishops in the Anglican church. The Anglican church in the USA and Canada wanted to be free to appoint homosexual bishops. This nearly split the Anglican church in half, with the third world Anglican churches opposing this move nearly leaving the Anglican communion because they disapproved, and the UK Anglican church trying to mediate between the US church and the others. (In Europe and the USA the Anglican church is shrinking in size, in the rest of the world it is growing)

News pages about Gay Bishop split from 2003 -months after I had the dream

look at these webpages:

Alexandria was also a place of trouble for the gospel. It had a large Jewish population and many opposed the gospel. Some gave trouble to Stephen in as we see in Acts.

Julian Reddihough

JULY 2007 – Understanding the Flooding
Where rain falls in the natural – the rain of heaven – a flood of the Holy Spirit will follow

The Holy Spirit has spoken through His prophets, and He is releasing a new cleansing move of holiness across the face of the earth. We are preparing for 2008, the year of the open gates.
During October 2006, Chuck Pierce prophesied: “This will be the year the RIVERS will rise! Watch where the heavens open and floods (physical) reach the earth, and document those places! Those are places targeted for a Holy Spirit invasion. Rising flood waters will cause you to move to higher ground. As the River of Holy Spirit rises, you will find yourself moving to the high places.” Go to the prophecy.

Kim Clement also prophesied about the rain, saying that the season was changing and there would be no more drought. Clement stated that the change in season will lead to multiplication. “‘No more drought,’ says the Spirit of the Lord…The season of subtraction, the season of drought has come to an end. And the season of multiplication has begun. It has begun.” Go to the prophecy.

Geoff – Editor/webmaster Prophetic anointing



2nd March 2007


Christian Magistrate Andrew McClintock has lost his case to have his freedom of conscience recognised when practising as a Justice of the Peace. The Sheffield Employment Tribunal handed down their judgment on 28th February.

The decision of the court means that Mr McClintock, a committed Christian who became a Justice of the Peace in Sheffield in 1988, will not be able to serve on the Family Panel, even though the Tribunal recognised that “he has an unblemished record and is well regarded by fellow magistrates and by the Department of Constitutional Affairs”.

Difficulties first arose for Mr McClintock when he considered the implications of same-sex adoption, arising from the Civil Partnerships Act 2002. He became concerned that a tension existed between his Christian beliefs in the Biblical model of the family and his work as a Magistrate sitting on the Family Panel. In March 2004, Mr McClintock raised his difficulties with the Chairman of the Family Panel at Sheffield. Mr McClintock was not asking for a change in the law, rather he was requesting that his religious conscience should be accommodated, and that he should be “screened” from cases which might require him to adopt children in to same-sex households. He also expressed his concern that children could be put at risk by the untried social experiment of same-sex adoption, in which vulnerable children were being used as “guinea pigs”.

The Employment Tribunal rejected Mr McClintock’s claim that he had been discriminated against because of his religious beliefs, and that his right to religious freedom was infringed.

Commenting on the judgment, Andrea Williams of the Lawyers Christian Fellowship said:

“This case is a clear picture of how Christian faith is becoming privatised in society. It is yet another example of the repression of Christian conscience and signals the prevalence of a secular ‘new morality’ and the erosion of Christian values at the expense of our children’s welfare.”

“Andrew McClintock believes that the best interests of the child are served by placing them in a situation where they would have both a mother and a father and therefore he could not agree to participate in gay adoption. Andrew McClintock’s case demonstrates what will happen as greater numbers of men and women of integrity (as the court described Mr McClintock) are forced to choose between applying a law which runs contrary to their fundamental Christian belief or obeying their conscience. The imposition of secular values in every aspect of our lives will force those who hold Christian beliefs out of jobs. It will be to the detriment of the whole of society.”

Andrew McClintock commented:-
“This ruling is going to make it harder for many conscientious people: whether they are JPs in the family court, or otherwise involved with children, or maybe with different matters of conscience. Anyone who holds seriously to the traditional morals and family values of Jews, Christians or Muslims will think twice before taking on such a job. It is like a re-imposition of a Test Act, such as that abolished in 1828, and will diminish the pool of people willing to do such work, both in numbers and diversity”.

“There will be more children now whom the courts remove from one kind of harm, but only to face another hazard. The expert witness in the case, Professor Byrd from the USA, said there was little research into the effect of same-sex nurture on children’s development, and that what had been established was worrying. This view of the scientific facts was unchallenged by the other side. So, more needy children will be fuelling this experiment in social science, and suffering what the experts call mother-hunger or father-hunger.”

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Welsh Christian Party Launched

Welsh Christian Party Launched with The Raising of the Flag of St. David.
The newly formed Welsh Christian Party was launched today 1st March – St David’s Day 2007 –the 3 candidates alongside Rev. George Hargreaves officially started the party by planting a 6 meter flag pole and by flying the St. David’s flag as the symbol of the Party’s aim to restore the Christian heritage back to Wales

One of the things that happens when we put prayer agreement over a geographical area or an institution is that God exposes the darkness and the enemies strongholds. I pray with you that God will continue to do this with the BBC until the public demands change. Let’s also pray that the change will include a new envusion of conservative leadership who will begin to shift it back to the original foundation. I pray with you that God will shift this institution. I pray that its current leadership would lose favor and be exposed. May the our Creator God of heaven and earth shift this institution and shine the light of His truth upon it and into every cornor. I see Him lifting a cover off of this institution to expose what is really inside of it. We say, “Yes, Lord! Lift the cover!

Jerry Bowers


Editor’s Note
“In the kingdom of the blind, the one-eyed man is king. (Desiderius Erasmus Born 1466-1536)
In the United Kingdom 2006, he is castigated for his out-of-step views and in some recent cases prosecuted for speaking out against the prevailing climate of opinion”

Some sane voices still remain:

At a recent Stop the West rally (yes, I know, but that’s their real agenda) demonstrators waved placards proclaiming ‘We’re all Hezbollah now’. Really? If so, why were they allowed to parade in Trafalgar Square? In a sane society, they should surely all have been arrested as a self-proclaimed army of holy warriors whose explicit aim was to murder untold numbers of innocents, destroy Britain, America and the free world and subjugate them to the dictatorship of the ayatollahs.
Spectator, 5 August 2006


In the UK, Aborting Baby is Legal, Depicting it is a Crime

Tim Cook – Abortion: Prophetic declaration …

April 2006
Jesus says I will turn the hearts of the Parents back to their unborn children again …

I came before Jesus and our eyes both shared the same tears, and our stomachs both shared the same incredible pain and sadness. The flood of abortions here in Britain was coming to such a head that I knew something had to change soon. Thats why Jesus had called me in … He was standing behind a desk, looking at a pile of papers. He took one – this was the unrighteous Abortion law currently in operation. He ripped it to shreds and threw it on the ground. Then He stamped on it. He took a pen and carefully wrote a new Law, and handed it to me. He commanded me to speak it. “In 5-7 years time Abortion will be totally illegal in Britain.”

Added 25th April
“Abortion to become obsolete in 12 years time” (people will not want it)

(Added May 2006) Tim Cook

So Jesus looked at me and said that I must issue this decree about Abortion being made illegal within 5-7 years in Britain. But later he called me back to this “Governmental Office” of his – and showed me that for some reason this decree was being fought over and contested by various demonic entities. In fact Jesus urged us to gather and focus all the Intercessors on this one issue as much as possible – and add sway to this Heavenly debate. He started talking about 8 to 15 years in fact if we didn’t win this.
I saw Satan stride into the Throneroom with this paper; “What’s this!?” he demanded, “no-one cares about Abortion – it’s a done deal – the Nation has handed me their unborns and I have given them Materialism and Independence instead.” He scoffed and snarled at me. “Ha! No-one is praying anyway – he has no leg to stand on. Your people have given up.”

I started crying and Jesus held my hand; “Not true”, I protested,”We will win this” But I turned and cried on Jesus, a little boy, in need of His advice and support. He crouched and dried my tears and hugged me and looked seriously into my eyes.

“Tim, beloved intercessor and watchman for your people, listen. Some prophetic decrees are carried forth with the full power and backing of Father and Heaven. They are sealed and immobile. Like your word that Britain is Sanctuary and will receive such Divine Protection from His Throne that there will be no major national disasters for 5 years. For reasons I have explained to you this is now extended to a 12 year word, a 12 year Sanctuary promise.

However, some prophetic decrees you make are a declaration of War, son, and will be violently contested as such. You will understand more of this as you grow older in My service.

He released me from the Throneroom and told me to; “tell your people to pray through this – and break through on this one – to pray through this contest for the next 6 months. At this time abortion prayers in particular are very precious and valuable to Me. Now go!”

Previous revivals have been catalysts of profound social change – abolition of slavery – and many initiatives for the common good – the world fast forgets the role that living Christianity has played in the better social advances. (Geoff – Editor)

More on Abortion


Dave Hood – Added April 2006
A Christian friend of mine recently shared some thoughts he had received in his time with the Lord. In particular how the cry of the unborn foetuses come up before Him, in the same way as did the cries from the ground of the blood of Abel. He also outlined what he felt our response needed to be. This act, was a minimum response, and necessitated our agreement in heaven with the Lord as to how He felt about this. We need to recognise our part, be it positive or negative. We, at the very least, need to cast our vote alongside His, stating our acknowledgement and our agreement with Him on the matter. Here at least our individual declaration can be registered. (see Words from Bob Lynn below)

As my friend unfolded his case, I was given a picture. It was of a mountain, in particular its summit. Here I saw that our individual acknowledgement with God on the matter was each as a single grain of soil being deposited on the mountain top. This was then added to the soil that already existed there. I then saw something remarkable happen. Other individual grains of soil were added, one by one, to the number of those already sown. There then began a shift on the surface of the summit. A small landslide began, however it quickly gathered force, being added to, as it began picking up parts of the landscape of the mountain as it progressed downhill.

It gathered in volume and momentum until it exploded across the main access road which ran west to east at the base of the mountain, blocking it. This road carried towards the mountain heavy laden tipper lorries. Which on their return to the inhabited towns and cities, were empty. For this road continued upward, spiralling around the mountain, until it reached it top. It was here at the summit, that these lorries, tipped and deposited their cargoes.

The mountain gained its height due to the many numbers of deposited cargoes the lorries had taken up the mountain day and night for many a long year. The cargoes they carried and deposited seemed as the rubble of humanity. In reality these trucks transported the deceased bodies of already aborted foetuses, human foetuses. The mountain was the result of the aeons of deposits of once living, conceived, once loved lives, unborn, of those now unable to live and love and learn of the love of their Creator, and to give glory in life to Him, at least upon this present earthly sphere. These deposits seemed to “INFILL” a mouth, rather like that of a volcano that formed, the top of the summit, like that of an inverted crown.

This summit had no snow, only a bareness and coldness, shared only with the skies hostile winds and darkened grey cloud canopy. A place of bleakness, darkness, ruggedness and desolation. A place where no warmth exuded or bird sang or living thing moved. A place of dying and not living. A place that birthed hatred and death and not life nor love. Above all, the lack of a snow capped peak screamed back at me – NO MERCY.

As I looked and saw the activity that the individual grains of soil caused. I began to realise that, dawning IN the darkness at the top of this peak was the beginning of the source of the landslide, the point from and at which all other activity commenced. It was a single grain of soil, like all the other grains, but somehow different and all those other specks of agreements, flowed from this one beginning.

You see at the very summit, the very place where the mountain of man rose to its highest, was the very place where God the Father, had FIRST and LASTLY deposited the carcass of his own son, his own child, in fact IN humanity conceived the very embryonic Life of Heaven – the life of his own, the Lord Jesus Christ. You see, it is not so much from our deposit that the landslide flows and grows, but from His, from Jesus, from