Now through September 3rd (except August 20th – see below), we’ll have our Sunday worship service beginning at 10 a.m. to accommodate your summer schedules.  Dress casually if you’d like, and start off every week by letting God help you “put first things first.” 

     We’ll be having refreshments after the service.  Instead of the usual donuts and coffee, we’ll have varied, creative snacks that are sure to please.  Sign up for a Sunday and share your favorite summertime goodies with your church family.



     On May 13th, Tara (Grgurich) Thompson received her Master of Music Education degree from Duquesne University.  To send congratulations to her, call the church office for her mailing address.

     Know of any other graduates in our church family?  Contact the church office.


Altar flowers are $20 for the center arrangement (not available on the first Sunday of the month), and $40 for the two vases.  Why not donate some flowers and beautify our worship!



     Members of the Freemasons, the world’s oldest and largest fraternal organization, and their families were here on June 11 for their tenth annual Saint John’s Day celebration.  They participated in worship with us — Pastor Williamson’s sermon was “The Cornerstone of Life” — and had a catered luncheon afterwards in Fellowship Hall, with 40 in attendance.

     It was on Saint John’s Day in 1717 that the first grand lodge was formed in London.  Its creation began the process of bringing Masons together as a worldwide organization, with consistent ceremonies and procedures, and creating charities that have changed the world. 

     Then on June 25, members of an organization composed of Freemasons – the Shriners – were here and joined us in worship.  Tim Hofius of Hermitage, potentate of Zem Zem Shriners, joined Pastor Williamson in leading worship.  Shriners run a network of 22 hospitals which treat kids with orthopedic conditions, burns, spinal cord injuries, and more, regardless of their ability to pay.  (They inspired Shriner Danny Thomas to create St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital!)



JULY’S items are red, white, or blue food or wrappings. 

AUGUST’S items are PB&J – peanut butter and jelly.

Please place your donations on the table in front of the pulpit.  Thank you for your generosity to our neighbors in need!



     Church Women United of the Shenango Valley invites all Christian women to join them for their annual Picnic in the Park on Tuesday, July 25th, from 12 noon to 2:30 p.m. at Shelter #4 in Buhl Park.  A catered luncheon will be served – tickets are $5 each and must be purchased no later than July 9th from Shirley Gibson.

     You’re also encouraged (whether you can participate in the Picnic in the Park or not) to buy packs of single-serve snacks, such as pretzels, granola bars, fruit cups, juice boxes, cookies, trail mix, sunflower seeds, raisins, cereal boxes or cups, jerky, and chips.  Make sure the expiration / best used by date for anything you buy is no earlier than September 30, 2017.  We will be collecting these snack packs one Sunday only — July 23rd — and they’ll be brought to the Picnic in the Park two days later.  A representative of Isaiah 49 in Farrell will be at the Picnic in the Park to receive your gifts and tell how they’ll be used.



     Don’t come to church on August 20th – we won’t be here!  Instead, join us at The Ridgewood at Shenango Valley, just down the hill from UPMC Farrell, for an outdoor worship service at 11 a.m., followed by a picnic lunch.  We’ll be there rain or shine, thanks to the Ridgewood’s great facilities.  Dress casually, bring a lawn chair if you have one, and bring a dish to share (store bought or homemade – just remember it will be outdoors for 3 hours, and we have no way to refrigerate or heat it).  The church will supply the meats and beverages.  Sign up in the Narthex.



     Our Consistory wanted to honor two extraordinary people who have made a huge difference in the life of St. Paul’s United Church of Christ, so they have named two rooms in our congregation’s home.

     The first room is named the Fisher Room, in honor of Ralph Fisher.  His example of faithful discipleship was an inspiration to all of us, and a reminder that if we really want something badly enough (i.e., a living, growing relationship with Christ), we will rearrange our personal schedules to make it happen.  A plaque will be placed over the door to the room which houses the church archives, and was the last room used by Ralph’s Phili Christi Sunday School class.  We’re hoping to have his 77 year Sunday School attendance award displayed there, too.

     Our “lobby” will is named the Krumbach Narthex in honor of Jake Krumbach.  He was a lifelong member of the church – he had photos of his confirmation here many years ago – and donated all the carpeting in the sanctuary and narthex in 2003.  Jake’s bequest to Saint Paul’s in his will was roughly the same size (adjusted for inflation) as Minnie Wedekind’s bequest in the 1960s.  Jake is responsible for last summer’s roof repairs and much more.



     Anybody who thinks it’s easy or inexpensive to maintain a 60 year old building like ours is living in a dream world.  Without the dedication of our custodian, Vicki Schutt, and our maintenance committee – Ron Wolf, Gil Brant, and Werner Specht – our church would be in bad shape.

     This summer, our Nursery (next to the church office) is getting a facelift, thanks to the Wee Wisdom Preschool (which will be using the room in the mornings beginning in September).  A new paint job, brand new toys and books, new furniture (the rocking chairs stay), and a new changing table are coming soon. 

     Some of our exterior doors need to be replaced.  We think the main entrance doors at the top of the ramp will cost around $4,000.  If you’d like your name(s), or the name(s) of loved one(s) on the new brass plaque above the doors, see Frank Krieder about making a donation.

     And we need to fix or replace the steps and ramp leading to the main entrance.  See Frank Krieder if you’d like to fund this critical overhaul.



Altar Guild:  July – Bill & Karen Mitcheltree; August – Marlyn Choffel and Linda Behary.

Communion Servers:  July 3 – Werner Specht, Linda Willey and Kathy Wherry; August 6 – Frank Krieder, Ron Wolf and Karen Graham.

Greeters: (Nametags are in the Narthex)  July 2 – Werner & Marilyn Specht; July 9 – Don & Sharon Howard; July 16 – Mary Kay Valenly; July 23 – Ron & Barbara Wolf; July 30 – Joe & Barbara Battyanyi.  August – check the Narthex or the church website.

Lay Readers:  July and August – check the Narthex or the church website.

Ushers:  (Nametags are in the Narthex)  July 2 – Werner & Marilyn Specht and Bill Mitcheltree; July 9 – Don & Sharon Howard and Bill Mitcheltree; July 16 – Mary Kay Valenly, Dave Hall, and Bill Mitcheltree; July 23 – Ron & Barbara Wolf and Mark Rainier; July 30 – Joe & Barbara Battyanyi and John Stuart.  August – check the Narthex or the church website.


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