Joel 2:25 \"And I will Restore unto you the Years the Locust Hath Eaten....\"

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( Previously SPIRITSONG APOSTOLIC MINISTRIES ) was founded, and is operated by, Rev. Deborah Mc Allister Cancel, and is an Apostolic and Prophetic Non-Denominational Ministry directed to the entire Body of Christ,
including the First Nations People ( Native Americans ), and  Church Behind The Walls ( Prisons ).

SPIRITSONG DOMINION MINISTRIES   Believes in the building and restoration of the Church upon the Biblical Foundation with Jesus Christ as Chief Cornerstone, built upon the Foundation of the Apostles and Prophets; with the Five Fold Ministry ( Apostles, Prophets, Evangelists, Pastors and Teachers ) being the Anointed Spiritual Leadership of the Church today, as it was in New Testament Times, in the Book of Acts.



The Lord wants to heal the Wound of Pennsylvania’s Anthracite Coal Region, and bring Revival!

There are long-entrenched and very powerful Strongholds in operation in this region, which have been in existence since the 1800s.
These must be specifically identified and prayed against.  Careful Discernment must be used.  Intercession, Identificational Prayer, Prayers of Forgiveness, and Spiritual Warfare will be required, before Revival can take place in this area.

There has been a painful and evil history in PA’s Anthracite Coal Region, and specific Strongholds have come into existence as a result of the sins committed in this area.

* In general, during Coal Mining Boom in the 1800’s, relevant to the Coal Barons and Railroad Barons ( the rich and powerful ):

There was a prevailing spirit of greed, spirit of lust for power, spirit of perversion of authority, spirit of corruption, spirit of unfair trade practices, spirit of unfair employee-management practices, spirit of unfair and unethical business operations and management, spirit of disrespect, spirit of slavery, spirit of cruelty, spirit of control and manipulation, spirit of discrimination, spirit of lust, spirit of hedonism, spirit of conceit, spirit of taking the law into their own hands, and a spirit of murder.

* In general, during Coal Mining Boom in the 1800’s, relevant to the Coal Miners:

There was a collective wounded spirit, a spirit of fear, spirit of hopelessness, a spirit of sadness, a spirit of depression, a spirit of low self-esteem, a spirit of mistrust of religion, a spirit of rebellion against religion, a spirit of rebellion against authority of all types, a spirit of mistrust and suspicion of authority of all types, a spirit of lawlessness, a spirit of revenge, a spirit of secrecy, a spirit of murder, a spirit of discrimination, a spirit of alcoholism, a spirit of domestic violence/spousal abuse, a spirit of child abuse. In general, financial prosperity was denied to the people, and kept for the excessively rich and powerful. This is still in operation today, in many ways.



Identificational Prayer and Intercession/Spiritual Warfare is needed concerning Ashland, PA and the surrounding area, because of the Sin and Demonic Legal Ground and Activity still present in the Region, caused by the Murder of at least 100,000 innocent babies. 

Ashland has a long history of the murder of at least 100,000 innocent babies, by Illegal Abortion; committed by Dr. Robert Spencer.
Dr. Robert Spencer operated an Illegal Abortion Clinic, which was located on Center Street in the Borough of Ashland, from approximately 1920 until his death in 1969.
The Authorities and the Churches were well aware of this activity, and everyone ignored it, and allowed it to go on, uninterrupted and unchallenged!

To be fair to Dr. Robert Spencer, he was a brilliant physician, and a kind man.  He was the only doctor in Ashland for many years, and he treated those who had no money for free.  He developed his own treatments for many conditions, which were successful.  Because of these things, he was well-loved and respected.

But, do not be fooled Church!  God is not Mocked!  This was mass-murder; viewed by God as such, and a practice which created Demonic Legal Ground, and opened the Door for much Demonic Bondage and Activity, even up to this very day!

There is a book on Dr. Robert Spencer, called ‘THE ANGEL OF ASHLAND”, by Vincent J. Genovese, should anyone wish to read it.
If you are not familiar with this history, I would recommend this book.