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UTH logoWelcome to our multimedia resource page.

This page is the heart of our ministry here at Unto the Hills. Here you will find tracts, booklets, sermons, and other Bible resources all at no cost to you.

This is a Bible based Christian ministry and all of our resources use the Bible as the final authority. All scripture unless otherwise noted is from the Authorized (King James) version of the Bible. No I am NOT a part of the KJVO movement (the King James Only movement following the teachings of Ruckman, Gipp and others, I just LIKE the King James so that is what I use. I reccomend James White “The King James Only Controversy” if you want to read more on that topic).


Print Resources

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Booklets, tracts, etc. in pdf for easy downloads.


Our tracts are tri-fold and two per page (front & back) ready to print out and use.

Salvation Tracts 

Holiday Tracts

Our Bible Study booklets are based on our teaching notes on different series I have taught over the years and they have been combined and expanded for personal or group study.