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logoThere are many fine Christian resourses on the internet
But it is a jungle out there and there are some who will, either with malice or sincerly through ingorance, will teach false docturine. 
My endvor here is to bring sound, biblical resources.

If you do find something questionable, or if you want your site or blog added, you can use the contact me page to reach me. 



Christian Links

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Bible Study Aids
Blue Letter Bible – A personal favorite of mine. Searchable Bible with many commentaries, dictionaries, and language helps completly online. Nothing to download.

E-Sword -This is a downoad study Bible. Many free modules with Bible versions, commentaries, dictionaries, maps & more. Includes a word processor to save notes, comments, sermons.

Bible Gateway – online searchable Bible.

Are You a Good Person?: Are you good enough to go to heaven? Take this quiz to find out. 

Christian Ministries
This is not a blanket endorsement of the sites listed Below, just sites I have found useful over the years. If you are looking for links to those who teach the prosperity “gospel,” keep looking you wont find them here.

Alpha & Omega Ministries – Dr. James White’s apologeties ministries with debates, articles, & his online podcast, The Dividing Line.

The Spurgeon Archives – A great collection from the Prince of Preachers, Charles Spuregon.

Ligonier Ministries – The teaching ministry Dr. R.C Sproul with articles, blog, on his radio program Renewing Your Mind.

Lamb & Lion Ministries – Dr Reagen’s ministry with many great end time resources. Has a Biblical view on rapture and tribulation. 

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